I know that this is coming really really late and I don't know if anyone is still interested (or even reading this), but it feels like I left this blog so incomplete and I want to at least give it a decent ending. In case anybody ever stumbles upon my little london diary, I just wanted to let you know: I moved! Like, back to Germany and with my blog. I am now blogging on distinctual.blogspot.com now. I would be happy if you take a look! And don't forget to follow me on bloglovin to never miss an entry!! love from dus, lea



Soo, here is the second part of me going crazy with my camera in the tube. I hope you like the pictures as much as I do. I actually really grew fond of the motion and the colours under the ground. Isn't it great that all the stations look different? The coloured tiles and all the lights are usually something you just rush by without noticing. I can just say it again: open your eyes, take your time, don't lose your excitement. Great moments are waiting everywhere. Today is my last real day in London and I already miss it so much. I still have some pictures I want to post, so I guess the blog is going to live on for some time when I am home. I am still thinking about what will happen next, if I keep on blogging, maybe on another blog, maybe not at all... But I will surely let you know as soon as I've figured everything out! love from ldn, lea


Over eight million habitants and countless tourists are rushing trough London every day. When you see how many people are on the streets it makes it hard to imagine that there are always huge crowds under the ground, too. But eventhough those numbers of people blow your mind, the system to get them all to their destination points everywhere in the city works. Yes, the transport in London is as reliable as Barney Stinson suiting up. It always surprises me that it is actually possible to get from X to Y without any problems, that you don't have to wait for your tube longer than five minutes and everybody is completely calm and not stressed at all, especially because the transport 'system' in my hometown just sucks. Sorry Rheinbahn. Plus, the underground stations make such a beautiful scenery for taking photos, don't you think? On the other hand I am really looking forward to being able to ride my bike basically everywhere. Oh, I've missed that!! love from ldn, lea



I have to admit something. I am living in London for half a year now and never made it to Notting Hill until the last month of my stay. Shame on me. But better late than never, right? So when one of my lovely friends came to visit me last weekend (and by that I mean the weekend before the last one – having no laptop for one week means posting 'old' pictures), I decided to take her to this oh so perfect area. I don't think that Notting Hill really needs a long text to worship the colours of the houses, the little shops, the tons of perfect cafés and of course the famous market on Portobello Road, since everybody has seen the film and yes, that is what the borough actually looks like. Unfortunately the weather on that weekend wasn't exactly as nice so the pictures turned out a bit dark and grey. Just imagine everything in brightest sunlight! To make a long story short: Notting Hill, you got my heart! Is it possible to miss something while you still have it? – This is my last week in England and I am already getting this feeling of nostalgia... you probably call it homesickness. Can you be homesick for a place that isn't actually home? love from ldn, lea



Oops, I did it again. A post about a café. I am sure that everybody who is actually reading this little blog is so sick of these by now but I don't care because finding those cute places in huge and cold London is basically my life. This one is my – what you could call – all-time-favourite. I stumbled upon it some time ago, but never took some decent pictures. The Canvas is the perfect place when you come from a long day on Brick Lane (second thing you are probably sick of reading about) and just want to relax for some time, drink a nice cuppa and take a break from the crowds. And here comes the cherry on top: you can write on the walls! What sounds a bit crazy and childish at first is actually the most wonderful and inspiring thing I have ever seen. There are questions on the walls and everybody gets a pen and is welcome to share their answers. I can't really decide what is better: adding your own thoughts and stories or reading what other people wrote... Either way it is my favourite place in the city and I hope I will come back some day. 
What is your happy place? Which album changed your life? What is the best thing that happened today? love from ldn, lea



This week we had the first snow of the year this winter here in London. I know, we were super late and calling those few millimeters of frosty water 'snow' is probably ridiculous but who cares? Everything was white and the kids actually builded an Olaf (remember the time when those creatures were just called 'snowman'?) and that is what counts. Plus the white coat gave me another reason – besides the obvious – to take my camera with me into the cemetery behind our house. Whilst I always thought about graveyards as cold and creepy places, this one is entirely different. It is quiet and abandoned. The fact that the tombstones are mostly overgrown and it seems like nobody actually visits anybody here makes it so mystical, magical even. There are headless angels and stone lions and I actually wouldn't be surprised if I found James and Lily engraved somewhere. And even though the snow makes it even more peaceful and atmospheric, I officially have enough of it. Yes, I am not much of a snow-person and hate me for it but I'd even prefer rain. Just being honest. love from ldn, lea